Whether you’re a bride (or groom!) looking to collaborate on custom wedding invitations or a shopper in search of something unique — I am so grateful you're here and I am honored to help.

Watercolor painting is a true passion of mine and I feel extraordinarily thankful for the clients of mine who make this business possible. 

My First Christmas Season


Want to Know More?

I am a Florida born and raised watercolor artist. I graduated from Florida State University with my BFA in painting in 2014, worked for 4 years as a textile designer for a company in NYC and am now working full time running this company that I love. 

My Story

I was a painfully shy and insecure kid, who, when lots of other things in my life did not make sense, found my greatest source of communication in creating things. I was (am) extremely sensitive and that came at a price of seeing and feeling absolutely everything. Too many feelings, party of one!

When my wonderful grandmother taught me to watercolor paint, everything changed for me.

Painting and creating gave me an outlet to express all the things I’d been feeling and thinking. I have been painting ever since. 

Among the wonderful things my grandmother and family has taught me is a love for outdoors. There is a spirituality to nature that I've witnessed time and time again through the people around me. I am so grateful for that.


The natural beauty around us is not a background to our lives but a foundation on which we build all of our memories…regardless of where you live.


This world is a beautiful, temporary home that we’re given, and I want to appreciate the beauty of it.

xo, Jaye


I'm Jaye Whitehead.

I created Jaye Bird with a passion for watercolor and a love of helping others with their design needs.

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